The Best Waterfalls in Kerala to Visit with Family from Madurai

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Kerala, often known as God’s Own Country, is blessed with a lot of natural beauty. Here we go through the best waterfalls in Kerala which are among its charming attractions.

Firstly, for families seeking a reviving escape, a trip to Kerala from Madurai is a perfect one. A visit to Kerala’s stunning waterfalls offers the perfect chance to connect with nature. Meanwhile, it will further gives them a chance to create joyful memories with all.

In this extensive guide, we will further explore the best waterfalls in Kerala region. These waterfalls are ideal for a family trip from Madurai.

Get ready to immerse yourself in the beauty of falling waters and lush green climate. So, come with us to explore the magical ambiance of Kerala’s waterfalls.

1: Athirappilly Falls, The Niagara of India

Located in Thrissur district, Athirappilly Falls. They are further one of the most awe inspiring and great waterfalls in Kerala.

Often called as the Niagara of India, this waterfall falls down from height of 80ft. The Athirapilly Falls are having verdant forests and scenic beauty all around it. The water plunging into the pool below, with the strong sound, is a charming sight.

Athirappilly Falls offers a range of activities suitable for families. Take a stroll along the well made pathways that offer various viewpoints. It further allows you to admire the falls from various angles.

The nearby area is a heaven for birdwatchers, with various bird species to spot. After that, for a unique aspect, take a thrilling boat ride in the Chalakudy River. From which you can get a stunning view of the falls. Meanwhile, enjoy a family picnic amidst the serene ambiance, having charming beauty of Athirappilly Falls.

2: Vazhachal Falls, Nature’s Serenade

Located just a few distance downstream from Athirappilly Falls, the Vazhachal Falls. The Vazhachal Falls is also a gem that shouldn’t be missed.

This charming waterfall gracefully flows further through the dense forest. Meanwhile, creating a picture perfect sight that will leave you stunned.

Families can explore the well made pathways leading to various viewpoints. These viewpoints further offer a closer look at the greatness of Vazhachal Falls. The lush green ambiance provide a great chance for easy nature walks and bird watching.

Above all, keep your cameras ready to capture the vibrant birdlife that inhabits the area. The refreshing mist that envelops the falls adds to the magical climate. Meanwhile, it creates a serene and tranquil setting for families to enjoy.

3: Palaruvi Falls, The Milky Falls

Situated in the Kollam district of Kerala, Palaruvi Falls is also a hidden gem. It further offers a unique and pleasant experience for families.

The name Palaruvi mean a stream of milk. The waterfall lives up to its name as it resembles a milky white cascade.

Families can enjoy a refreshing dip in the natural pool formed at their base. It further provides a respite from the tropical heat. The lush green ambiance and dense forests make Palaruvi Falls an ideal spot for families.

As they can enjoy nature walks along the falls. Keep an eye out for colorful butterflies and unique plant species that thrive here. The beauty and peaceful ambiance of Palaruvi Falls will leave a lasting impact on all.

4: Soochipara Falls, Nature’s Playground

Being in the Wayanad district, Soochipara Falls, also known as Sentinel Rock Waterfalls. Firstly, it is a charming fall having dense forests and scenic views all around it.

The falls further comes down from a height of about 200 feet. Above all, it creates a stunning spectacle of water.

Families going to Soochipara Falls can enjoy a swim in the natural pool. This pool get formed at its base, which is relatively safe and perfect for children. The rocky terrain and lush greenery around them provide an ideal setting for family picnic.

The children can further enjoy amidst nature’s playground. Adventure lovers can indulge in activities for example rock climbing and rappelling. Meanwhile, you can explore nearby forest trails which is a great chance to spot wildlife. You can spot species such as langurs and various bird species.

5: Meenmutty Falls, Nature’s Majesty

Nestled in the Wayanad district, Meenmutty Falls is firstly a stunning waterfall. It further shows the true greatness of Kerala’s natural wonders. With its three tiers, Meenmutty Falls is sight to behold, having dense forests and landscapes.

To reach the falls, families embark on a short but thrilling trek through the wilderness. Meanwhile, they can immerse in the sights and sounds of nature.

As you approach Meenmutty Falls, prepare to be charmed by its sheer power and beauty. Families can enjoy a picnic near the falls and soak in the refreshing mist. Capture stunning photos against the backdrop of the falls and the nearby greenery.

6: Keezharkuthu Falls, The Rainbow Falls

Keezharkuthu Falls, also known as the Rainbow Falls, is located in Idukki district. It is famous for its vibrant rainbows that appear near the falls during monsoon season.

The waterfall comes down from a height of about 1500 feet. It further offers a great sight that will leave you in awe.

Families can enjoy a thrilling jeep ride through the dense forests to reach the falls. As you arrive, witness the charming rainbows that adorn the falls. They further creates a magical and ethereal climate.

The area around Keezharkuthu Falls is perfect for nature walks and spoting flora and fauna. Meanwhile, capture the beauty of the falls and rainbows in photos. They will create memories that will be treasured for a life time.


The best waterfalls in Kerala provide the perfect backdrop for a family trip from Madurai. It covers the Athirappilly Falls having lush green ambiance all around. You can further see the Vazhachal Falls and milky falls of Palaruvi Falls.

It takes you to explore the Soochipara Falls and the Meenmutty Falls. You can meanwhile view the vibrant rainbows at Keezharkuthu Falls. In short, each region offers a unique feel that will charm all of you.

Firstly, you can immerse in the beauty of nature to create pleasant memories. It further strengthen the bonds within your family as you explore best waterfalls in Kerala.

You can explore the power of the falling waters to the peace of lush ambiance. Above all, these waterfalls will leave you with joys that will be treasured for future.

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